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Our Story...

Fred and Xiao Bao
Fred immigrated to the United States from Taiwan 30 years ago. After having worked a couple years within the graphics and print industry, Fred decided to start his own business by opening Save On Cartridge in the Tucker-Decatur area of Greater Atlanta, Georgia in 2003. Located only 15 minutes by car outside Atlanta core, Fred's store offers a plethora of services and products. Come on in and get your computers and printers checked or simply enjoy some good chats with the owner.

Products and Services

Extra 10 Percent Discount for Veterans, Seniors over 65 and Students with VALID ID.

Media, Tips and Other Bits

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Get an Accurate Quote!

We give accurate quotes. However to do that, we also require just a little bit of information regarding what you are looking for.  Follow these steps below and you will receive an accurate quote – no surprises or bait and switch. — From order of most to least important: Model Number Parts Number MPN Number —   […]

Whole Sale Orders

If you are a business, organisation or school and need inks and toners in large capacity and on a monthly basis, please consider wholesale procurement from us. We would like to partner and work with your group in bringing forth to you affordable and quality toners and inks for your printing needs. We can also […]


We dare to say we have one of, if not, the lowest prices in Atlanta and surrounding areas when it comes to inks and toner cartridges – both OEM and compatible brands. “We even double dare to say we simply have some of the lowest prices anywhere, for any same product!” Our price match policy guarantees […]

Rapid Proto-Typing

Save On Cartridge provides out-sourcing services in partnership with Anim+Plus Studio – – for clients who require rapid prototypes on a budget. Whether it be for real estate, toys, food, security etc, Anim+Plus Studio can help work with you on the entire project from start to finish and on budget. Rapid prototyping comes in […]

Free Downloads

Here, you will find some free software we recommend for you to install to help protect, maintain and keep your computer running in top shape. No fees, annual payments, trial mode, etc. 100% free and some of the best on the market. Some do provide the option to upgrade to a professional version, but the […]

Custom Computer 101

Building computers are fun. We love helping people build custom systems and especially at a price that they can afford. In fact, we also like to teach people to build their own systems. This is a very simple guide in breaking down that learning curve and barrier to better understanding the difference between gaming and […]

Printer Care 101

Print technology has come a long way. Here are some simple steps to take care of your printer to get the best mileage out of this hard working piece of machine. Preventative Care Always use the correct corresponding setting to the correct paper type. This is important for quality prints and especially important for laser […]

Computer Care 101

This is a quick and simple guide for anyone who wants to maintain their computers – hardware and software – and keep it in top running shape. To keep it simple, we will use point form – not in any specific order but best to follow and complete each point to benefit the most out […]

Policies, Etc

We offer warranty on most items sold in the store.   If you purchased something from us and it is defective, please bring it back to the store, along with its original box and wrappings and we will take a look and investigate and either offer you a full refund, replacement or exchange for either the […]

Photo Restoration

We offer photo restoration services in the following price tiers: ***Prices are per photo*** Minor Restoration: 40.00 Medium Restoration: 75.00 Heavy Restoration: Case by Case Turn around time for photo restoration varies depending on the severity of the photo restore at hand and also quantity of photos. Average turn around time per photo is 2 […]

Web Design

We have partnered with a small digital arts studio to bring forth budget friendly custom web design services to the individual client. For only 350.00 USD flat rate charge, you will receive the following services. 1 Year Hosting. 1 Year Domain. 1 Unique Email Address (Example: 1 Unique Website Template Customized. Reference websites required. Up […]

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