We have partnered with a small digital arts studio to bring forth budget friendly custom web design services to the individual client.

For only 350.00 USD flat rate charge, you will receive the following services.

  1. 1 Year Hosting.
  2. 1 Year Domain.
  3. 1 Unique Email Address (Example: inquiry@superwebsites.com)
  4. 1 Unique Website Template Customized. Reference websites required.
  5. Up to 6 unique pages, each with a different category.- Home Page
    – About Us Page
    – Contact Page
    – Gallery Page
    – Forum Page
    – Online Store Page
    – Miscellaneous Page
  6. 1 Year Maintenance Help – Text or Graphics Updates – Conditions Apply.
  7. Transaction Set Up for Receiving Online Payments through Paypal.
  8. Social Media Linking (If you have other  media pages).
  9. Online Advertising (Advertising Costs Extra).
  10. Simple Search Engine Optimization.

Maintenance Conditions

Primary maintenance is to be provided on a monthly basis. These updates and maintenance are to check for general site integrity and bugs.

Unless there is a technical issue, secondary maintenance and updates to website personal contents will be performed and provided on a bi-weekly basis or depending on how often the client updates their website contents.

Webmaster will not be able to provide daily updates but bi-weekly and monthly updates are guaranteed. Clients are free to email the webmaster directly at inquiry@anim-plus.com for update requests.

If there are critical updates that the client needs immediately amended or corrected, a small fee of 5.00 to 10.00 USD may be charged to the client’s account one time but not in excess. If excessive corrections are required, an estimate will be provided for additional costs beforehand. Emergency updates can be provided within 1 hour unless otherwise noted – in example webmaster does not have access to the internet.

Most general updates will be processed within 24 to 48 hours unless otherwise noted.

Again, webmaster does not provide daily updates, changes of the excessive nature. If there is abuse of this maintenance privilege from the client’s side, webmaster reserves the right to immediately terminate this maintenance agreement.

Reference Websites

To help expedite the website creation process, we ask that the client provide some reference websites they like. This way, we can design something similar in style. It is so that we have some already visually available to play with.

We can help research and together, search with client for reference websites if client runs into any difficulties.

Reference websites are required before any actual work commences. These are sort of like concepts for us to work with so without a concept, we can not move forward to production.

Data File Limitations

Hosting limit 3 Gigabytes, which is more than enough for most Data Files – including Videos and Graphics. For additional needs, we may source the storage out with Youtube or other Graphics storage gateways.

Please be advised, we do impose a limit of 200 unique images per website.

If client has more than 200 unique images they would like to post or upload, additional charges may incur.

What’s Not Included

Unfortunately, because of the low price, custom Art, Designs and Animation are not included. Those will come at an extra cost – but not astronomical. Client needs to have all graphics ready and submitted before we commence work on the website.

If the client requires Artwork or Logos to be created, the costs are like this.

  1. Logo costs are anywhere between 100.00 USD to 200.00 USD.
  2. Artwork is quoted case by case and is usually charged by the hour – based on 20.00 USD per hour.
  3. Animated Media can be created for an additional cost of 20.00 USD per second of Animation.