We give accurate quotes. However to do that, we also require just a little bit of information regarding what you are looking for.  Follow these steps below and you will receive an accurate quote – no surprises or bait and switch.

From order of most to least important:

  1. Model Number
  2. Parts Number
  3. MPN Number


These numbers are usually located in the following areas of your devices as followed:

Cell Phones – Remove battery cover, remove battery and you should see a little sticker that will indicate the required information.

Laptops – Normally, the little sticker with such information is directly on the underside of your laptop, but sometimes it is also hidden inside the battery bay area or on the battery itself.

Desktops – If your desktop computer was purchased as an entire unit, pre-assembled, the required sticker information should be somewhere on the side of the computer case. If your computer was custom built from scratch, you will usually not have any information sticker. In this scenario, instead, you will need to bring the desktop into our store and we will take a look at it.

Printers – Your printer should have the model number directly on its case, right at the very front. For more information, the information sticker is usually somewhere on the side of the printer but this may not always be the case. Sometimes they also put the sticker at the back of the printer or under the paper feed tray.

Monitors – The information sticker will be at the back of the monitor. Some monitors have a little removable back bay cover that you can either unscrew or remove the clips. Be gentle as you do not want to crack any plastics.

When you are uncertain of something, simply just bring the item into the shop or take a few photos and email it to us and we can help you out via email or phone. When in doubt, better to call and ask us rather than to do it yourself and break something.